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Photo Journal; Obama's Denver Invesco Speech

From the Upper Deck of Mile High Stadium at Invesco Field in Denver Colorado on Thursday, August 28, 2008 as Barack Obama walked on stage to accept the Democratic Party nomination for President.
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* My Favorite Photo; Stevie Wonder on stage... (be sure and click this one to enlarge it)

Al Gore in the house!

A Sea of Red, White and Blue

*Ryan Warner, host of "Colorado Matters" on Colorado Public Radio interviewed me and Bonnie Thursday morning about our long journey.

(Here's a link to the online audio archives!)

*The Colorado Public TV Station where they interviewed us on Thursday morning.

Boise Mayor David Bieter and his wife Julia

Bonnie and Iowa Governor Chet Culver

*A Great Photo! Click this one...

Just before sunset I took this sweeping video of the crowd.

And this one...

Al Gore again *Ben Williams and Bonnie Ryan-Brown from Pocahontas, Iowa met me in Salina, Kansas *Ben and Bonnie out in front of the Colorado Public TV Station

We all stayed with my sister Beth and her daughters Kaitlin (16) and Riley(12) We had an ad-hoc family reunion with my cousins the Ohlerkings, who all live in the Denver area.

The Denver Skyline from Mile High Stadium

Trinity Methodist Church, Downtown Denver

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July 4th Voter Registration table, McPherson, Kansas

Introducing the KS4ObamaVan!

Outside, a video camera captures everyday citizens
as they record comments and questions for Barack Obama,
some of which will be published to You Tube.

In the KS4ObamaVan, up to 7 people can comfortably view campaign videos.

For the Voter Registration process, some simple tools,
...just a table and a clipboard, a few brochures and and some voter registration forms.

Meeting Merilee, an Obama volunteer from Hutchinson
Merilee visits with one of the local ladies.
This was an experiment in co-opting fireworks stand crowds.
We discovered that the 4th of July wasn't the best day, it would have been the evenings of the 2nd and 3rd, when the fireworks stand was in full swing, and the after-work and after-supper waves of business would have provided the best access to potential voters. By the time the 4th rolled around, and the fireworks were selling out, the crowd diminished. But this could have been a very fruitful registration climate, had we known more about the cycles of the business.
The fireworks venue is a great attracton with a patriotic theme.
We had a visit from a reporter from The Boston Globe.

Unite for Change At Riverside Park in Lindsborg, June 28 - Photos

Beautiful day, friendly crowd, and some new friends.... sharing our time, watching a video together, and talking about holding future events for the Obama campaign. We also heard from James Bordanaro, our 1st District
US Congressional candidate.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Kansas For Obama "Vote for Change" project...

In Lawrence Kansas, May 10, 2008 Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius gave a team-spirit
speech to help get everyone prepared to canvass.

At the Burge Union on the Kansas University Campus.

These Obama Volunteers gathered to join the campaign for a day of canvassing.

More Volunteers!Tyler Longpine coaches the team...

We Hit the Streets!

Katie Albright-Hanna from the Obama campaign

filmed our first leg of canvassing in Lawrence.

Here is a link to the production that came from her work.

and here is a link to the Obama "Vote for Change" Video

that used a clip from this event as the final 10 seconds of this feature video.

Ella enjoyed the whole day outdoors!

If you have any photos from the event you would like to upload, email them to

John Patterson at;

jpegs preferred, also take gifs, bmps, pdfs, etc.